Cast iron robotic cell

SiiF has developed robotic finishing cells for grey cast iron castings or GS.

  • High flexibility (up to 200 types of castings processed per cell).
  • Output from 20 to 100 p/h with one robot.
  • Automatic tool change.

Tasks carried out:

  • Loading and unloading by rotary table.
  • Sprue systems and feeders cutting.
  • Deburring of mating faces and core outlets.
  • Ingates grinding.

The use of diamond cutting tools (optimised profile grinding wheels, cutting discs and special tools on request) provide an optimum finishing level, thereby reducing the operator’s task in loading and checking the castings.

Diamond cutting tools have a very low wear rate resulting in a long lifetime and high finishing repeatability with no wear adjustments required.


Download the datasheet