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Expertise through experience

For over 30 years SiiF has been recognized as an essential partner of foundry finishing equipments for iron, aluminum and steel castings.

SiiF Sales Team


Finishing machine manufacturer

SiiF offers a wide range of machines to meet the specific requirements of every customer based on their moulding process (green sand casting, chemical sand casting, shell moulding, high-pressure, low-pressure, lost-wax casting, etc.).

SiiF has developed processes and systems for cooling, decoring, deburring, sawing, inspection and pre-machining suitable for a foundry environment.

SiiF mechanical design office


An integrator of finishing lines

SiiF is involved in all sectors of foundry finishing. The company offers innovating solutions for integration in the field of automated and robotised finishing.

Its engineers analyse foundry requests and technical topics to offer performant, optimized and competitive solutions.
The company can provide turn key projects by design and development of the entire finishing process in its assembly workshops in close co-operation with the customer from study to commissioning.

SiiF is your essential, reliable partner to assist you in your industrial success.


Certification SiiF 14 001

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