After Sales Service

Our After-sales Department assists you with the supply of replacement and wear and spare parts for SiiF systems. We offer the setting up of a consignment stock and implementation of audits on SiiF and SERF systems.


Spare parts

Processing of your requests in terms of spare parts:

  • Advise and estimation.
  • Management of the supply of wear and tear parts, machining parts and welded assemblies, trade parts and finishing tools (diamond cutting wheels and blades).
  • Managing and meeting lead times.

We also have a stock of finishing tools and spindles with critical lead times in the event of an urgent situation to ensure our customers are back up and running as quickly as possible.


  • We assist our customers in setting up a consignment stock, which can be held by us or at the customer site. Together, we analyse the list of spare parts in order to create the priority parts to be put in stock.



  • Our After-sales Department travel on site to carry out audits of SiiF and SERF systems. Our expertise enables you to target the components to be repaired, ensuring that your production tool continues to operate smoothly.
  • Following this audit, our technicians travel on site to carry out the work during maintenance shut-down periods.
  • We carry out maintenance in our sub-assembly workshops (spreader chain, decoring chassis, spindles, motor, gripper type maintenance) for refurbishment and testing before being returned to the customer.