The first SiiF robotic deburring center piloted by vision!

The first SiiF Robotic Deburring Center for Le Creuset

In early 2018, SiiF has commissioned one new robotic deburing center for Le Creuset, French manufacturer of cast iron cookware.


Main features:


  • High output deburring
  • More than 300 references to process
  • Offline robot trajectory programming on Robostudio (PHL)

Offline programming of 3D vision from the CAD piece.

All the references are programmed offline. These programming methods are the best way to reduce significantly the production stop when creating a new reference.


  • Automatic tool change with 2D vision recognition


The SiiF solution:


  • 1 multi-stations rotary table
  • 4 robots ABB 6700
  • 2 vision systems (2D and 3D)
  • 1 rack for automatic tool change
  • 2 conveyors
  • 1 programming on RobotStudio (PHL)