Trim dies for aluminum castings

Siif provides trimming dies for aluminum castings produced in high pressure die casting, low pressure or gravity die casting.

The trimming dies are designed for middle and high volume production and make possible the combination of de-gating, braking off risers and cutting off burs simultaneously.

  • Very constant in dimensioning and with a high lifetime they allow a calibration of the produced castings before machining.

  • The design of tooling suitable for different types of aluminum casting (gravity, low-pressure, high pressure die casting (HPDC), etc.), is similar to the design of ferrous tooling.

  • Only the clearances are different and are adapted to each type of casting.

  • Tooling for aluminum HPDC castings may be equipped with side cut-outs.

  • There may be up to six or more cut-out directions, depending on the castings to be treated.


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