Vision system

Location for robot connection

  • Static part with 2D, 3D triangulation vision (scan of the casting, fixed or moving camera) and 3D stereoscopic vision.
  • Static part during pallet unloading with 3D stereoscopic vision system.
  • Moving part with 2D vision system (robotic picking by tracking).


Simple missing/present type check, casting type/reference, correct placement, etc.

  • 2D-3D vision sensor.
  • 2D vision system.


Diameter, spacing, positioning type check on the part, etc.

  • Vision sensor for simple measurements.
  • 2D-3D vision system.
  • Profile meter with 3D reconstruction option.
  • Tipper bulk unloading with 3D volumetric sensor: IFM.

SiiF integrates the following brands: COGNEX, SICK, KEYENCE, ENSENSO (HALCON software), IFM, etc.


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Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron-4 Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron-4
Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron
Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron-2 Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-cast iron-2
Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-aluminum Vision-3D-industry-foundry-finishing-aluminum